Mushroom Under a Log..
Leica M Monochrom with the 90mm Macro Elmar and macro adapter
An Orchid amid the Venus Fly Traps and Sun Dews...
The Bent Tulip
Black Tulip
Green Spots...
Glass Block Floral...
Passion Flower
Purple Cotton Flower
Trumpet Pitcher Pland and Anole
Venus Fly Trap
Lily Pad
Gathering of Mushrooms
Pink Water Lilys
Hooded Pitcher Pland
Trumpet Pitcher Plant
Sun Dew
Natures Cup
Japaneese Iris
Ginger Lilys
A "room with a view...
Orchid Detail
A unpoened type of Amaneta Mushroom in the Fall Leaves
Spider on the shelf mushrooms!
Fall WIld Flowers

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